From Asset Discovery to Directory/File Brute-Forcing to Password Cracking

Handy Mandy

Manipulating File Descriptors to Obtain Remote Code Execution

The Reverse Shell

Establishing a Connection

Make SQL Injection Vulnerabilities Harder to Exploit

Get an Alert when Someone Accesses a File

What are Canaries?

How Hackers Clone Sites and Create Malicious Login Pages

Cloning our Target Login Page

A Proof of Concept Python Virus

And an Example Showing Memory Injection

Windows API Functions for Process Manipulation

Windows Registry = Digital Forensics Gold Mine

What is the Windows Registry?

The Malware Used in the Trojanized SolarWinds Orion Update

The SolarWind’s Supply Chain Attack

Exploiting an 802.11 Flaw

How does a Deauthentication Attack Work?

Alexis Rodriguez

OSCP CySA+ Security+ | Part-time Cybersecurity Instructional Associate @ Fullstack Academy

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